marianne csaky



The second group of works in the Time Leap series are images depicting a lonely figure (me) in a solitary state of sexual desire, situated in positions of love acts without an object of this desire appearing in the images. This is again an intervention in the past – or rather, an intervention of the past in the present. The still images are taken from video recordings I have taken recently, while the purple silk figures sewn on the framed images blown up to 117 cm by 100 cm are from the same series of family photos as the ones that are the basis of the light boxes.
While the light boxes rewrite the past by placing my present self in those images, in this series the opposite occurs: figures from family history appear in my present, observing my state indifferently, or turning away, participating actively only in the situations of their own present. Nevertheless, by appearing here and now, acting involuntarily in the present, they affect my most intimate personal matters, the construction of my individual perception of the world through desire in the Platonic sense in the present. The question here is to what extent our current, synchronic perception of the world is determined diachronically, by our historical setting – and also whether an unreflected, independent, fully synchronic perception of the world (or in other words, an interaction with the entities constituting the world outside the corporeal, time-bound limits of the self) is possible.

Time Leap, Video Still, 2008
Changdong Art Studio, Seoul, Korea