marianne csaky


Local Evereywhere is a public art project that has been designed to run in Brussels and Ghent, Belgium. It is composed of video projections in public places.
I lived in China for a year in 2010, in different cities, such as Kunming, Shanghai and Chongqing. I gave lectures at universities and art academies, had several exhibitions and lived my everyday life with friends and colleagues. Being immersed in local life and carrying on with my life as usual at the same time felt totally natural throughout that year. I came to experience and live the special, local life of people there – my life. In other words, I felt local in these places – but this feeling was very far from what they call "cross cultural" experience. The idea of Local Everywhere project arose from this experience.
The project is in progress. Please, visit this page later for more details.


Local Everywhere
public art project, Brussels/Ghent, 2011