marianne csaky

Europe: Creation/Re-creation.
by Edit Andras (excerpt on M. Caliban Csáky ’s Feast)

"... Caliban M. Csáky’s Feast (Symposion) is a characteristically postmodern response to the frustration triggered by the inability to identify with socially coded, strictly divided gender roles and their accompanying, rationally sanctioned and restricted body images. Instead of refined intellectual adventure shrouded in clouds of incorporeal mythological entaglements or complex philosophical reasoning, we are confronted with a raw, almost brutal expression of the intensifying, tortuorus, fin the siecle crisis that assails every aspect of our identity, including our sexuality. The somewhat plump, puffy, not in the least dignified or aesthetisized nude (wich is neither torso neither full figure), fallen to the earth from its original mythological heights, trying to cover its nakedness and shame with futile gesture, this container of life as well as death fills us with the type of horror and disgust that we feel when confronted with “unnatural” phenomena that do not conform to the well circumscribed, accepted norms that guide us through our existence in the world. This two-gendered child of Aphrodite and Hermes, the half god Hermafrodites who has forever become one with his beloved returns in all mythologies and religions as the embodiment of perfection, of original completness. This cosmic ideal, the androgen, has in our over-regulated, rationalized, exclusively scientific era become nothing more than a biological deformity, an abnormal freak: reminding us of our imperfection and mortality it is the leftover of the end of the millenium Feast..."