marianne csaky


2024 WIELS Studio Residency Programme
A Tale of a City, Solo show, Budapest Gallery, Budapest
Technocool. New Trends in Hungarian Art in the Nineties (1989-2001), Hungarian National Gallery Budapest
The Herczeg Klára award exhibition. Foton Gallery, Budapest
Quotation – 2. Glimpses of the 1990s, Inda Gallery
2023 The Herczeg Klára award exhibition. Foton Gallery, Budapest
Something Beautiful, Festival of visual arts and poetry, LaVallée, Brussels
Budapest Contemporary, Budapest
First Half ’23, Inda Galéria, Budapest
Liberty, Equality, Sorority, Sensuality. Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest
2022 The Other Planet. Solo show. Inda Gallery, Budapest.
Stories we live with, Selection from the Somlói-Spengler Collection, Q Contemporary, Budapest
Manifesta 14. with Secondary Archive, Prishtina, Kosovo
Art Market 2022, Budapest
2021 Niemand is een eiland. Stichting Ijsberg Damme, Belgium
Something Beautiful II, Festival of visual arts and poetry, LaVallée, Brussels
Savoir Retenir et Fixer ce qui est Sublime. Black Swan Gallery, Bruges
2019 Arcana, Budapest Gallery, Hungary
Public Private Affairs - The Art of the ’90s in Hungarian Private Collections, Ferenczy Museum Center, Szentendre Hungary 
Paris Photo - solo show in Prismes with Inda Gallery
Photo London, with Inda Gallery,
London UK
Arcana, Budapest Gallery, Hungary
something beautiful - festival for visual art and poetry, LaVallée, Bruxelles, Belgium
Public Private Affairs -
The Art of the ’90s in Hungarian Private Collections, Ferenczy Museum Center, Szentendre Hungary
approche - 14 approches contemporaines du médium photographique. Le Molière, Paris, France
Invented True Family Stories. European Month of Photography 2018, Hungary. Budapest
Heartbeat - Selection from the collection of the Institute of Contemporary Art - Dunaújváros. Art Quarter Budapest
In Need of... - Reports from Badlands, Brussels, Belgium
The ZONE. The artist’s artist. Inda Gallery, Budapest
Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais
Art Dubai 2018, Dubai
Penumbra/Félárnyék - Institute of Contemporary Art - Dunaújváros
The Artist is Electron, Superdeals Art Space, Brussels
Viewfinder - Hungarian Photography from the Past Half Century 1967 -2017. Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest
Another Europe – round table conference about artistic collaboration within Europe, Brussels, Belgium. My text is published on its website.
En Route – group show, Inda Gallery
Talking Paper – Fresh Paint 9, Tel Aviv
MIA FAIR – Milano International Art Fair
"Artist of the Day" – one-day solo show at the booth of Inda Gallery, Art Market Budapest
Stretching Space, Inda Gallery
Hungarian Cultural Institute Warsaw, Poland
Apteka Sztuki, Warsaw, Poland
2015 Unsettled Affairs of Women, Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros
Memory Lake. Pegazus Gallery Szentbékkálla, Hungary
Divisions of the Self. Inda Gallery Budapest
  Art Karlsruhe 2015 with Inda Gallery
OFF Biennale Budapest. Delete – three-channel video installation with experimental sound track
Creation-Works - group show at the Exhibition Hall of the Budapest Gallery. Exhibition opening on January 22, 5 p.m.
Publication of an artist monograph on my work by Erzsebet Tatai. Book launch on January 12, 2015, 5 p.m. at Írók Boltja, Budapest.
2014 Art Market Budapest, solo appearance (as invited artist), Budapest
Double Game, Inda Gallery, Budapest
- Spectacle Reconstruction. Contemporary Chinese Art. Panel discussion at MODEM with Zsolt Petrányi and Györgyi Fajcsák
- Geography: Making a Map of Chinese Contemporary Art. Symposium with Drew Hammond, David Elliott, Christopher Moor, Andreas Schmid, Qui Anxiong and Waling Boers. Momentum Gallery / Chronus Art Center / Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin
InsideOut, Momentum Gallery / Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, Germany
2013 Perhaps in Space, solo show at Inda Gallery, Budapest
DaziBao, Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo, China
- DaziBao, Chongqing, China
- FotoFever, Brussels, Belgium
- La Grande Migration, Millenaris Park, Budapest
- Radiator Gallery, New York, USA
- Art Paris Art Fair, Paris, France
2012 VOLTA NY Art Fair, solo show, New York, USA
- Left and Right group show in Hong Studio, Chaoyang, Beijing, China
PhotoFever Brussels, Belgium
ViennaFair 2012, Vienna, Austria
Interview in secret areas y?
Art Stays 2012 - 10th International Festival of Contemporary Art, Ptuj, Slovenia
Videoholica 2012, International Video Art Festival, Varna, Bulgaria
Art Paris Art Fair, Paris
Quadratic equations
Kepes Institute, Eger, Hungary
02.03 - 01.06.2012
2011 Shapes. Two-channel video installation. VideoSpace Gallery, Budapest
Duo Show with Adriane Wacholz (DE)
11.11 -16.12.2011
New York, Rio, Tokyo - group show.
Inda Gallery, Budapest.
12.09 - 14.10.2011
Art Stays - 9th International Festival of Contemporary Art, Ptuj, Slovenia
20.07. - 5.09.2011
Delete - video installation, solo show. Aritmia Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaújváros
18.06 - 26.06.2011
Dream my Dream - solo show at Me|mo|art Gallery
18.05 - 14. 07.2011
Marianne Csaky's work 2008 - 2011- solo show at Lena & Roselli Gallery
20.05 - 30.06.2011
Local Everywhere
public art project
Distance Making & Reducing, Raumars Art space, Rauma/Pori, Finnland
1st - 24th April, 2011
Videa - Contemporary Women's Video Art, Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc, Hungary
8th March-21st May
A Beautiful Past is Ahead of Us - Subjective History, Csikasz Gallery, Veszprem, Hungary
4th February - 26th March
2010 Delete - solo show at Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, China
10th - 19th November, 2010
Art Margins on my art work
17th October, 2010
- Drawing? - Contemporary Hungarian Drawings, Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
21st October - 5th December, 2010
- Extraordinary - Memoart Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
18th September - 30th November, 2010
- Visual Dialogue - exhibition at Mingyung Art Centre, Shangai, China
20th-24th October, 2010
- Visual Dialogue - Workshop at National Academy of Art, Intermedia Department, Hangzhou, China
12th - 18th October, 2010
- Lecture at Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing , China
11th October, 2010
- Workshop and group show, 501 Loft, Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, China
10th -20th October, 2010
- Organhaus Art Space, artist-in-residence programme, Chongqing, China
25th August -20th November, 2010
- Off the Wall, Loft Jin Ding 1919 943Studo, Kunming, China
16th - 23rd July, 2010
- Reviews about my video project
Delete exhibited in M50,
Shanghai, China:
Shanghai Daily
- Psichyc Apparatus, M50, Shanghai, China, 8th May - 23rd June, 2010
- Artist-In-Residence Programme
March - May, 2010, M50, Shanghai, China
- WCC Daily on "Her Vision"
8th March, 2010
- Her Vision - 2010, Chengdu, China
7th March - 28 April, 2010
- TCG Nordica Gallery, Kunming, China
5th - 31st March, 2010
Gives a three-week video art workshop in Yunnan Arts Institute of Wenhua College, Fine Arts Department, Kunming, China
December, 2009
- Lecture at Yunnan Arts Institute of Wenhua College, Fine Arts Department, Kunming, China
December, 2009
- 943Studio, Kunming, China
Artist-in-Residence Programme

November, 2009 - March 2010
- Bilocation. Exindex Online Art Magazine, Budapest, Hungary
- Bilocation, Me|mo|art Gallery, Budapest,
October-November, 2009
- On Paper - Contemporary Hungarian Drawings and Prints from the 80s to Our Day, Írókéz Gallery, Szombathely, Hungary
May-June, 2009
- The Art of Stitch - Needlework Techniques and Instruments in Contemporary Hungarian Art
Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest January - March, 2009
Maecenas Days - Leading Contemporary Art Collections, Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest
November, 2008
- Me|mo|art Gallery, Budapest
September - December, 2008
- Studio Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
July, 2008
- Lecture at Sangmyung University
5th April, 2008
- Changdong Art Studio, Seoul, Korea
March, 2008
Interview, Korea Times
- Changdong Art Studio, Seoul, Korea,
Artist-in-Residence Programme
January - April 2008
An artist monograph on my work is now available
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